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Welcome and thank you for choosing the Online Psychic. We are pleased to introduce you to a service that can truly change your life. The Online Psychic offers clients four distinct and proven methods of psychic readings; Classic, Crystal, Egyptian, and Dreamscape readings. In addition to this we allow you to choose the focus of your reading, whether it be Love, Sex, Money or Career and with every reading you can also take advantage of our Spell Caster and Wish Granter services! We will isolate time to capture the situation and reveal its significance. At last, you have discovered a direct channel that will allow you an insight into your own destiny. The Online Psychic offers you a Free horoscope just for visiting our Web site.

Why We are the Best!
While many "psychic services" charge as much as $75, $100 or even $150 for a single reading, the Online Psychic offers you a single reading for ONLY $29.95! How can we do this? Technically advanced internet chat software allows us to deliver your reading to you quickly and effectively. Not only will your reading be incredibly accurate... you will have it available to read and analyze at your own pace. In addition, the Online Psychic offers you an opportunity to record your readings by opening your own account. Plus, you'll receive two Free weeks of Psychic Horoscopes available daily when you do. Users who select the "Lucky Lotto Numbers" reading will receive two Free weeks of both the Psychic Horoscopes in the members area and Lucky Lotto Numbers sent to you via email.

Your Own Account
This is your journey. You may feel compelled to consult the Online Psychic frequently, or as often as your circumstances warrant. Either way, you may record the information you receive by opening an Online Account so you can review, re-evaluate and reconsider its significance as often as you like. Only you have direct access to this information. Our user ID system makes it easy to log-on whenever you wish. What's more, you will receive two weeks of Psychic Horoscopes in the members area each day absolutely Free! As you continue to consult the Online Psychic for answers to important issues in your life, an accurate record of your responses will be chronologically archived to allow you a greater understanding of your Self as you relate to the complex world around you.

Analyzing Your Reading
In most cases, the answer you receive will be as clear and concise as your question and the frame of mind in which it was asked. In some cases, you may not receive a direct answer to your question. In fact, the answer you receive may directly address your subconscious motives. Or, it may alert you to an impending crises or significant change. And if you find your answer to be too complex, or even contradictory, it may mean that the extenuating circumstances surrounding your situation are far more complex than you realize.

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