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We thought it might be helpful, as well as informative, to answer those questions people seemed to be most curious about. If you have a question, or comment, we would enjoy hearing from you.

Question: "Do you use a secure billing system for online transactions?"

Answer: Yes! We use Ibill and Paypal, the #1 secure internet payment systems in the world. Ibill processes over $15 million dollars in secure transaction each month over the internet. Your credit card information and personal information is encrypted for security and it is never shared with any third parties.

Question: "What are the benefits of opening my own account with Online Psychic?"

Answer: Having your own account adds to the fun and convenience of consulting the Online Psychic. When you open your account, your billing information is secured where it can be automatically retrieved whenever you seek a consultation. And you'll receive your own user ID that prevents anyone else from having access to your information. Think of it as a key to your own safe deposit box. Each reading is conveniently chronicled for future reference. So it's always available for immediate review anytime day or night. What's more, you'll automatically receive a Free trial subscription to your own daily horoscope. Try it for two weeks, if you aren't completely convinced it offers valuable information concerning your daily life, simply cancel right online. Having your own account is quick, easy and convenient. It allows you to focus all your energy on the object of your inquiry.

Question: "Will the psychic reading I get tell me exactly what I want to hear, or will it give me the truth - whether I like it or not?"

Answer: Calling upon psychic powers to help reveal your future can result in information that may take many twists and turns. The Answers you receive may not always be the Answers you want to know, but are what you need to know in order to make an accurate determination of the situation. For example, we may give you information about a financial matter even though you are asking about a love matter. This could be because your current financial position could be having a direct affect on your personal relationship. Be sensitive to what is being suggested. The answer might offer a step-by-step solution, or it may ask you to consider how other elements in your life might be affecting the object of your inquiry. Remember, constant change in the cosmos is what creates life and life generates the creative energy that is the cosmos. From this, all things evolve.

Question: "How does the Psychic Connection Test work?"

Answer: The Psychic Connection test is an interactive game designed to allow users to have fun and have success with the game by finding the correct tile. Many people believe in psychic services, others do not. Our web site is designed to have a positive influence, to be fun and entertaining, in some respects like an interactive video game on the web. For those that do not believe in psychics they can still have fun, for those that do they can receive information that is uplifting and can have a positive influence on them. You are never obligated to buy anything and prices are listed on all paid services. You can also cancel your membership anytime by emailing us.

Question: "Your advertisements mention a lot of things are free. Is everything free at this site?"

Answer: No, not everything is free. Prices for any services are always listed more than one time so you can see exactly what your order will cost you before you buy. There is no obligation to buy anything. We do add some free services to paid memberships to make them more fun and valuable to the customer. Other free items are available when you visit the site. There are never any hidden charges. You will always see what the cost of any service is before you actually buy it.

Question: "Are the psychics genuine master psychics?"

Answer: The psychic's are independent creations of the web site, like characters you might read about  in an ancient book or see in an online or interactive video game. Their presence is  designed to entertain, enlighten, and interact with you in a positive fashion.

Question: "Are the psychics listed at the site real people and are those their real names? Can I call them directly?"

Answer: All of our readings are based on ancient principles of the I Ching philosophy. When you join as a member, we collect your personal zodiac inputs and then match these inputs to our database of historical readings to make sure you get an enlightening, positive and entertaining result. Further, each week we provide our members with daily Horoscopes, based again on their zodiac inputs. These Horoscopes are topical and in tune with current events. You can not call the psychics directly on the telephone as we are an online business that acts as an interactive service linking your psychic connection to our online database. Names of actual psychics, along with pictorial depictions, are independent creations designed to add entertainment value and fun to our interactive psychic reading service.

Question: "This site is fun to belong to, like playing an interactive game. Will your Psychic readings also be a positive influence for me? "

Answer: We certainly hope so! This service is designed to allow you to get positive results and have fun in the process. Our readings are intended to have a positive influence, to have special meaning for you but they are not intended to replace professional advice or professional counseling in any way shape or form. As such they should be relied upon as a fun and entertaining way to participate in an online psychic reading experience in an interactive eGame environment.

Question: "I'm really curious about one thing. If the ship carrying the Hand of Ra sank in 300 feet of water, how did it end up in the United States in a private collection?"

Answer: While it is true the ship sank in 300 feet of water, most of the crew was rescued by a passing freighter bound for New York. When the first torpedo hit, a crew member named Conroy, became trapped in the ship's hold where the artifacts were stored. The force of the explosion broke open the heavy wooden crates spilling their precious cargo about the deck. Frantic to escape, Conroy grabbed the first thing he could find, the Hand of Ra, and started banging at the latches of the damaged door. As he did, he received what he later described to be a "kind of premonition" encouraging him to abandon the door and hurry to the far end of the hold. Knowing there was no access there, Conroy dismissed the feeling and hammered away with renewed desperation. But, the door was hopelessly jammed. As the water level continued to rise, Conroy reluctantly gave in. Still clutching the Hand of Ra, he struggled through the debris as his premonition gained strength with each passing second. Upon arriving at the spot where fate had finally led him, he was amazed to find a huge gaping hole where the bulkhead had been ripped by the explosion. Scrambling through it, he made his way to the top deck and into a waiting lifeboat. But not before he had successfully concealed his new found treasure.

The rescue ship eventually arrived safely in New York. Not two hours off the gangway, Conroy sold his prize to an antique dealer somewhere in Greenwich Village. Years later, the Hand of Ra surfaced once again in a private collection.

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