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Our affiliate program is administered by our own proprietary partner system. We will provide you with a special code that you insert into a partner link that we provide. You will also be provided a special link to monitor the progress of your advertising campaign.

How much do you get paid?
Make money from our Affiliate program. When a customer clicks through from your site and purchases a membership, you earn a 50% commission on the intial sale. So, the amount you make depends on how much traffic you send. The Webmaster Resource Area contains marketing banners and other tools that can help you. Just be creative and we'll make sure that your hits turn into sales.

Softec Online offers payouts on a monthly basis.

Why should you sign up?
We know there are a lot of pay sites out there competing for your attention. We've worked hard to keep from being another hacked together site. Here are a few reasons why we're different:

1. Free Demo area and Horoscope offer. Customers are much more likely to join when they know exactly what's inside.

2. Unique, high-quality content. All of our›readings are delivered with our proprietary 1-way client chat technology.

3. The best psychic reports available online - with tremendously addictive weekly psychiscope reports to keep them coming back for more!

4. We add lots of new material each week so customers stay interested and retain their memberships.

5. High conversion rates. On average, our conversion ratio is 1:100, and in some cases much better depending on your site demographics.

6. And best of all, we offer a 50% commission on all referred sales!

How do you get started?
It's simple. There are only two steps:

1. Click here to visit our contact page to request your custom partner code. Please provide the mailing address for us to send your monthly check or provide a paypal account that you would like us to deposit your earnings to.

2. Click here to visit the Webmaster Resource Area . Follow the instructions to select a banner and to copy and paste a small amount of HTML code into your web page.

After you've signed up, you can see how much money you are making at any time by visiting your own private monitoring page.

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